Plan to Win

A new brand may fail, in spite of a superior product, if its retail entry strategy is sub-optimal. We believe a fact based and experience driven “Go to Market’ retail strategy helps companies mitigate part of the risks associated with a new brand launch.

Business strategy and execution support by CXO level professionals.

A new retail launch is an expensive and risky proposition. Business leaders need a good understanding of the best way to position their brand with consumers and trade partners prior to arriving at a ‘Go to Market’ strategy.

At Centric, we provide strategy based on our decades of retail experience, extensive branding know how and wide network of trade partners. Plus our experienced sales consultants facilitate test market launch through in-store brand placement and off take monitoring. This data is in turn used to arrive at a granular, fact based sales plan for future roll out.

Our offerings include value proposition definition, visual identity creation, sales strategy and on ground team for test market support.

  1. Brand research and value proposition articulation
    Great products need to be launched in a manner that leverages their strengths within the competitive context. At Centric, we provide brand research based on consumer trends, trade feedback, mystery shopping and our contemporary consulting experience. These inputs provide the right background for value proposition definition.
  2. Brand positioning for growth
    We offer our experience in marketing strategy create a compelling brand positioning platform supported by well articulated key drivers of choice. These two elements of brand strategy play a key role in convincing consumers to buy a new brand and the trade to stock it.
  3. Creative identity and pack design
    As functional differentiation becomes increasingly difficult – brands need to create a unique visual identity for themselves. Our team creates a visual identity in sync with the brand’s positioning including logo design, tag line and packaging. We also provide promotional material for point of sale and creative support for initial launch.
  4. Trade feedback based cost of retail entry
    Retail entry in India involves managing multiple trade relationships, all of which have different costs. We leverage our relationships with trade partners to provide inputs on price range, margins, estimated sales, promotional costs etc to get a detailed understanding of cost of retail entry as per current category dynamics.
  5. Test market at pre-launch
    A retail launch is an expensive proposition. Some business leaders prefer to test market in a cosmopolitan market like Bangalore prior to national roll out. At Centric, our on-ground team of senior sales consultants open doors, secure brand placement and monitor off-take for a limited period of time. Learning from the test market is used to fine tune a ‘Go to Market’ strategy.
  6. Sales plan and ‘Go to Market’ strategy
    New brands need fact based strategy and adequate execution support. Plus brand owners need to understand the overall cost of launch –prior to entering the retail market. We provide a granular sales plan with clear execution targets supported by an estimated promotional plan.

We understand the business of building powerful brands

Retail strategy is a critical aspect of launch and should be arrived at after due consideration. At Centric, we leverage our decades of retail experience and learning from current assignments, to help clients launch successful brands.

India entry strategy for MNC organizations in FMCG, Apparel and Accessories

Suitable for companies who are planning to enter the Indian market and want to understand business potential with a fact-based approach.

This service includes analysis of competitive context, feedback from trade partners on value proposition, sales potential based on channel partner perspectives and estimated cost of retail entry.

We also provide go to market collateral suitable for the Indian context, to facilitate trade discussion and brand placement

Retail strategy for Start Ups who want to launch new brands or categories

Designed for innovators who have great offerings but require expert sales and marketing inputs to finalize a ‘Go to Market’ strategy.

This service is a mix of marketing (value proposition definition, brand positioning and visual identity design) and sales (trade feedback, market mapping, sale estimates and cost of retail entry).

We also provide go to market collateral including brand logo, packaging, brochure and website design.