Our client is an Indian MNC offering a wide range of services in India, Asia and the United States. The company has grown rapidly over the past decade and desired a re-branding strategy for their Master Brand based on corporate vision, current competitive context and planned global expansion.  Their requirement was a sharply defined Brand Positioning which would inspire internal stakeholders and external customers. The positioning exercise would in turn be translated into a new refreshed Brand Identity and accompanying communication.

Engagement Overview : Centric worked closely with the leadership team across multiple business portfolios to understand the founder’s vision, current competitive context and key pillars of differentiation.Based on the same we were able to draw up a detailed Brand Positioning platform which in turn led to a refreshed Brand Visual Identity.

Methodology : We conducted in-depth interviews with stakholders in the US , Asia and India in order to understand the brand vision, competitive context, drivers of choice, brand offering and proposed product road map.

  • As the company had multiple holdings, we worked to ensure all stakeholder perspectives were incorporated in the vision and suggested positioning platform.
  • Our objective was to ensure the re-branding would benefit both the mother brand and individual business units in a composite manner

Brand Review : Using the Centric Tool Kit, we were able to define a B2B marketing strategy in terms of insight based brand positioning,  key elements of differentiation and communication pointers to bring alive the brand in a Global context.

  • Based on the same, our client created a new visual identity and launched a brand communication plan – for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Key metrics of brand perception have been positive from date of roll out.

Key Deliverables:

    • Differentiated Brand Positioning : Well defined positioning based on founder vision, brand strengths, category drivers and the current competitive context
    • Detailed Re-Branding Communication Campaign : The engagement let to a targeted communication strategy in terms of how to communicate the refreshed brand to both internal and external stakeholders.

Brand Strategy and Marketing Consulting : Our client today has a refreshed brand positioning platform that resonates with internal and external stakeholders. The refreshed visual language has helped the brand gain positive perception as a relevant and contemporary player in the global context.