Our client is a Fin Tech Start Up – focused on providing new age financial advice and related services to young consumers. The leadership team is passionate about creating a mobile application that resonates with their target consumer, helps them improve their standard of living and has high engagement levels.

Centric was engaged to help position the brand, provide a comprehensive marketing strategy to facilitate customer acquisition and drive execution of marketing strategy with defined metrics. We were able to support the brand as follows:

1. Customer Profiling using our Proprietary Social Media Analytics

  • We helped them identify the profile of their early adopters using our proprietary Netnography tool layering social media analytics of user generated data with expert marketing knowledge.
  • Based on the same we were able to create a vivid pen picture including life stage, values and beliefs, job description, family background, self image and peer group interaction.
  • We also looked at application usage data along with the product team to determine key triggers for application stickiness.

2. Define a Differentiated Brand Positioning

  • We worked with the leadership team to define the brand’s positioning to reflect its founders vision and the key pillars of differentiation.
  • This included the Positioning platform, Key Pillars of Differentiation, Tone of Voice and Communication Context

3. Execution of Marketing Strategy

  • Centric team facilitated translation of Marketing strategy by creating a comprehensive communication calendar that covered the following elements : PR, Social Media, Blogs and other outreach aspects for customer acquisition
  • We also worked as their out-sourced marketing wing, identifying the right agencies, helping determine the best metrics of performance and coordinating their efforts


During our year long engagement, we were able to see the brand grow aggressively and gain a large user base in short period of time.