Centric was engaged by a tech enabled media service provider for insight-based brand strategy. The start up was established by a group of technical experts who had a firm understanding of the category and an overview of customer requirements. However, in-spite of a differentiated offering, the firm was not able to grow as fast as desired in the competitive context.

Engagement Overview : Centric was engaged to help them re-define their brand positioning and provide a marketing strategy for future growth. The firm also requested for support regarding a differentiated message that would help them stand out from the crowd.

Methodology : At the start of the engagement we reviewed available knowledge and began with the brand fundamentals. To get a clear understanding of the situation, we interviewed internal stakeholders, influencers and buyers in India (CXO level) and reviewed the competitive context. This helped us clarify the internal hypothesis about barriers to growth and management’s views on brand vision and strategy direction.

Brand Review : We used our proprietary research techniques to profile users and buyers, identify triggers of choice in the category and determine the potential triggers to trial and adoption in the competitive context. Our findings revealed the firm was known to buyers but not considered as relevant as other established competitors. The key issue appeared to be relevance and a granular ‘reason why” for a higher share of wallet.

Key Deliverables : Based on our research findings, we defined a B2B marketing strategy which included Brand USP, key pillars of positioning and a potential communication map based on points of differentiation and triggers for trial. We also suggested certain forms of communication better suited to relevance building and potential ‘talk points’ that would engage both the buyer and user in a relevant manner.

Brand Strategy & Marketing Communication: Our client has re-worked their marketing strategy. They have shifting their primary focus from awareness creation amongst target audience to relevance building among buyers and influencers.

  • A high focus digital marketing strategy supported by well crafted events has become the bed-rock of their marketing plans.
  • They have also built on depth of existing relationship to provide anecdotal success stories and informal referrals. This has helped increase their customer base and ticket size / depth of relationship with their existing clients.