Our client is a tech start up in an exciting new space. The firm was launching a product that would help it gain traction in India and the US in a limited period of time. Their requirement was a sharply defined Brand Positioning, well defined customer Pen Pictures and a targeted communication strategy.

Engagement Overview : Centric worked closely with the founders to understand the founder’s vision, current competitive context and key pillars of differentiation. We then created detailed pen pictures of potential customers of the product (multiple buyers) and crafted a differentiated message that would help them stand out from the crowd and resonate with multiple personas under a single brand.

Methodology : We conducted in-depth interviews with internal stakeholders, influencers and investors in the US and India in order to understand the brand vision, competitive context, drivers of choice, brand offering and proposed product road map. We also used extensive social media analytics to create a vivid pen-picture of the various cluster of consumer who had tried the brand till date. Profiling of users included a visual pen picture and information on their life-stage, professional qualifications, interest areas, career goals and aspirations.

Brand Review : Using the Centric Tool Kit, we were able to define a B2B marketing strategy in terms of insight based brand positioning, detailed picture of the target customer, key elements of differentiation and potential triggers for trial. Based on the same, our client has re-worked his website, defined a sharply targeted marketing campaign and working on product upgrades to gain market share.

Key Deliverables:

    • Sharp pen pictures : Have increased the efficiency of the client’s digital campaign and provided clarity on buyer vs. influencer dynamics.
    • Differentiated Brand Positioning : Well defined positioning based on brand strengths, category drivers, the current competitive context and the profile of real early users of their offering to help the brand stand out from competition
    • Focused Digital Campaign : The engagement let to a targeted communication strategy in terms of what the Brand offers   (features, benefits, use case studies etc.) and how they communicate the same (media mix, tone of voice and visual cues).

Brand Strategy and Marketing Consulting : Our client today has a strongly defined brand based on specific pillars of differentiation linking brand offering to customer needs. Their digital campaign is focused on gaining share from a significant cluster of users who are pre-disposed to the client’s offering and are likely to grow with the brand.