At Centric, we constantly partner with the best creative minds to deliver a well-defined and crafted marketing output.

Our client is a leading Healthtech innovator harnessing the power of cloud connectivity and AI to get heart attack diagnosis to doctors fast enough to improve the chances of patient survival. The solution involves installing a cloud connected-ECG machine in primary and secondary care medical centres such as clinics, polyclinics, nursing homes and hospitals. The […]

Retail Entry Strategy : FMCG ( Food)

Engagement Overview : We were requested to provide a retail entry strategy by a leading producer of a commodity product (staple food) – currently servicing the wholesale market. The promoter wished to launch a branded version of the food product and needed support in devising a retail entry strategy. Centric was engaged to help devise a […]

Retail Expansion Strategy – MNC Building Solutions

A Global MNC, offering premium products with a strong presence in Institutional sales wanted to define their retail expansion strategy.  Their industry is characterized by a large number of players, aggressive pricing and strong trade margins. Our client’s main objective was to understand how the retail trade viewed their offering and position their products for maximum […]

Brand Positioning – Media Tech Services Start Up

Centric was engaged by a tech enabled media service provider for insight-based brand strategy. The start up was established by a group of technical experts who had a firm understanding of the category and an overview of customer requirements. However, in-spite of a differentiated offering, the firm was not able to grow as fast as desired […]

Brand Positioning – IT Services Start Up

Our client is a tech start up in an exciting new space. The firm was launching a product that would help it gain traction in India and the US in a limited period of time. Their requirement was a sharply defined Brand Positioning, well defined customer Pen Pictures and a targeted communication strategy. Engagement Overview : […]

New Brand Launch – Fin Tech Start Up

Our client is a Fin Tech Start Up – focused on providing new age financial advice and related services to young consumers. The leadership team is passionate about creating a mobile application that resonates with their target consumer, helps them improve their standard of living and has high engagement levels. Centric was engaged to help […]

Rebranding and Communication : Global Services Company

Our client is an Indian MNC offering a wide range of services in India, Asia and the United States. The company has grown rapidly over the past decade and desired a re-branding strategy for their Master Brand based on corporate vision, current