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Brand Strategy for Competitive Advantage

It’s often said that more than half of new businesses fail during the first five years of existence. Research shows that  this may be due to a variety of reasons ranging from a lack of market need to founders having a fall out. But one theme is common across all. The lack of a great brand […]

3 Ways to Differentiate : Brand Strategy for Start Ups

A year ago, a friend of mine in PR famously said, “Most start- ups chase the first mover advantage and customer acquisition. Very few of them are focused on a differentiated brand offering.”. This statement was not based on any factual data – but quite a few people agreed with her. However things are changing and in today’s world, […]

Digital Marketing Strategy for B2B Firms

As a marketing consultant, specializing in positioning and communication across categories, I have seen the growth of digital marketing pretty close up. Most of the time, digital success stories are narrated by agile ‘consumer facing’ start ups or larger firms who have their act (and budgets) together. Interestingly the use of digital marketing in small and […]