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The Pricing Paradox : How high is too high?

  Pricing Strategy for Profitable Growth As a retail strategy consultant, I have worked with several firms who are planning to enter the Indian market.  Last week while working on the pricing strategy of new brand, I noticed an interesting phenomena that we call the Pricing Paradox. Our client’s new offering is fundamentally different from […]

Digital Marketing Calendars : Old Wine in a New Bottle

  In today’s digital world, we often come across clients who feel their marketing strategy is in place but the execution is ‘just not happening’. More often than not, their sentiments are echoed by the various agencies working on the brand as well. In our opinion, in-spite of hard work, the results are sub-optimal because […]

Marketing Strategy for SME Success

Recently a VC-funded client called to let us know they had achieved operating profit. His joy was infectious and the team’s pride was palpable. As marketing strategy consultants, we were happy to see the brand move to new heights and be part of their success story. While reviewing the brand’s journey from red to green, we realized […]

3 Ways to Differentiate : Brand Strategy for Start Ups

A year ago, a friend of mine in PR famously said, “Most start- ups chase the first mover advantage and customer acquisition. Very few of them are focused on a differentiated brand offering.”. This statement was not based on any factual data – but quite a few people agreed with her. However things are changing and in today’s world, […]

Digital Marketing Strategy for B2B Firms

As a marketing consultant, specializing in positioning and communication across categories, I have seen the growth of digital marketing pretty close up. Most of the time, digital success stories are narrated by agile ‘consumer facing’ start ups or larger firms who have their act (and budgets) together. Interestingly the use of digital marketing in small and […]

Quick Tips for a Good Agency Brief

Picture the tableau. A creative person gets ready to present a brand launch campaign. The agency has worked late into the night, drunk tonnes of coffee and bonded over client idiosyncrasies. This is their defining moment. They believe their creative offering will meet brand objectives and present the campaign with heart and soul. When the […]

From Junk to Click : 6 Hacks for Email Marketing

Like most people reading this post, I receive a fair amount of targeted email every day. Some I open as brain candy (the Skimm or NYT), a few for visual pleasure (India Circus) and some for work (Academic journals). The rest I junk. The primary reason I junk email is because – the content is not […]

Outdoor Media : A Viable Brand Builder?

We have seen a trend in a particular response with many of our clients. The moment we suggest they should consider offline advertising, they baulk and say “We don’t have enormous budgets”. We hear this comment very often but only because the immediate association to offline is print or TV advertising. We believe in giving […]