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7 Steps to a Successful Retail Launch

As partners in a firm that specializes in retail launch strategy, we often get calls from entrepreneurs and export houses who want help in launching a new brand in India. Our clients usually have great products, sound financial backing and a good business vision. They come to Centric for sales strategy, marketing support and ‘old-fashioned’ […]

Marketing Checklist for B2B Start Ups

Research shows good marketing collateral makes it easier for B2B startups to acquire customers. All buyers want information in a concise and aesthetic manner. So the better the quality of marketing material the higher the chances of someone engaging with it. Unfortunately many first time entrepreneurs are technologists first and sales people second. Their focus […]

I was recently asked by a first time entrepreneur in the Health-tech space whether a good content marketing strategy can lead to growth. This got me thinking about the role content marketing plays in today’s digital world. Because like any other marketing tool, it is often misunderstood and ends up being maligned for the wrong […]

Brand vs. Private label : An FMCG Dilemma

As retail strategy consultants, we advise firms on how to enter the Indian market. Most of our clients either have innovative products or run large manufacturing facilities catering to the wholesale industry . Our firm provides them with brand strategy,  marketing collateral for launch and sale estimates based on interaction with potential retail partners. Plus in […]

5 Last Mile Challenges faced by Social Entrepreneurs

Social Entrepreneurs play a big role in changing the way people live their lives. Whether it is the people they work with or the causes they espouse, social enterprises are game changers and very welcome in today’s complex world. Over the past few years, as business consultants, we have met several brilliant people who have […]

Outsourced Sales Support : Plug & Play to Scale Up

An experienced and properly trained salesperson increases the chance of product placement by close to 50%.  Start Ups looking for growth require access to the right sales resources in a cost effective manner. At Centric, we provide an out-sourced sales service that helps firms scale-up quickly in a highly competitive world. Our offering includes pragmatic, […]

Selling to Stand Alone Supermarkets

When I started working as an Area Sales Manager in Unilever centuries ago, we did not have supermarkets. Everyone shopped for groceries in Kirana Stores. These stores are small outfits where the proprietor sits at the cash desk and minions scurry about fetching things from the dark bowels of the store. Growing up in Delhi, […]

Brand Strategy for Competitive Advantage

It’s often said that more than half of new businesses fail during the first five years of existence. Research shows that  this may be due to a variety of reasons ranging from a lack of market need to founders having a fall out. But one theme is common across all. The lack of a great brand […]

Can a Business Plan defeat the Fear of the Unknown?

Last week, we were sitting with a client who is immensely successful in the apparel business. The firm wants to launch a new offering in an adjacent space and had engaged us for a retail entry strategy.  At the start of our engagement, we felt the key decision maker was worried.  This puzzled us as […]

Cleaner to Housekeeping Staff : Branding & Dignity

  Branding and Dignity of Labour Meaningful work has long been one for the most important ways to feel good about oneself. For many of us, self esteem and job value are interlinked in a fundamental manner. This is why, while sitting at our office food court, I was pleasantly surprised by the housekeeping staff. Well […]