Good marketing helps businesses grow faster.

In today’s world, digital technology and wider choices are encouraging customers to shop around. So business leaders often need a fresh perspective on marketing strategy to stay relevant and communicate in a contemporary manner.

Marketing strategy with high quality communication support.

At Centric, our principals use their CMO level experience to help business leaders link customer insight to business objectives and arrive at an effective marketing strategy. To ensure strategy gets translated to execution, we also provide high quality design and communication support to ensure the end objectives are met.

Our offerings include brand positioning, marketing strategy and communication design.

  1. Brand Positioning and Strategy
    The strongest brands are built on leadership vision and customer insight. At Centric, we begin all brand strategy assignments with a rigorous understanding of business objectives, leadership vision, customer perspectives and competitive scenario . Using primary and secondary research, our team distills insights to build a meaningful brand strategy
  2. Communication Strategy
    Communication strategy involves identifying the best way to communicate a brand’s message to the target customer within the defined budget. We help our clients arrive at a pragmatic communication strategy using a mix of traditional and digital communication.
  3. Marketing Communication Calendar
    As companies manage multiple channels of communication, a marketing calendar becomes indispensible. We help clients arrive at a composite calendar ensuring all communication is planned in advance. This ensures a commonality of themes, high quality design inputs, effective monitoring and timely execution.
  4. Communication Design
    Communication design is a critical to marketing success. We provide our clients with creative support to bring alive their marketing message in an aesthetic manner.

We challenge ourselves to create value for our clients in the form of various marketing collateral that are essential for the business. Here, we present a sample of our work across medium and sectors.

We understand the business of building powerful brands

Marketing strategy is a lot beyond a logo and company website. It’s about who you are, who do you serve and why should they choose your brand over the others. A well crafted brand with a supportive communication strategy is a big differentiator in today’s competitive world.

Marketing Strategy for customer acquisition

Suitable for companies who want a well defined marketing strategy to facilitate customer acquisition

Communication support to stand out from the competition

High quality design to help organizations achieve the business objectives