Brand Strategy for Customer Acquisition

In today’s competitive world, when functional offerings becoming increasingly comparable across companies, a brand’s softer elements come into play. These elements are security, relationships, trust and other aspects that make up a brand’s image.

Softer aspects are inherent in all brands and if properly managed, can help a company differentiate itself from the competition. As a result, when companies compete for the same business, a well- positioned brand has a definite competitive advantage over its competitors.

At Centric, we help business leaders build relevant and differentiated brands, based on expert knowledge, effective creative support and decades of real world CXO level experience.

Our offerings include brand research based on customer insight, brand strategy , architecture and communication strategy.

  1. Brand research and analysis
    The strongest brands are built on leadership vision and customer insight. At Centric, we begin all brand strategy assignments with a rigorous understanding of the business objectives, leadership vision, customer perspectives and competitive scenario . Using primary and secondary research, our team distills insights to build a meaningful brand strategy
  2. Brand strategy and positioning platform
    Brand strategy is all about identifying the key pillars of the brand that will help it stand out from the competition and gain a larger share of the customer’s wallet. The Centric team identifies these elements and uses them to craft a positioning platform. Positioning identifies a company’s most unique attributes and combines them into a distinct customer promise.
  3. Brand Architecture
    Brand architecture is the systematic and structural organization of brands within a single business portfolio. At Centric we believe the role of brand architecture is to get the maximum benefit from both individual and aggregated brands – keeping in mind customer expectation and business dynamics
  4. Communication Strategy
    We help senior leaders craft compelling Core Statements to help employees , partners and customers understand where the company is headed . Done as part of corporate visioning and brand architecture development – we help identify an effective internal and external communication strategy bridging the gap of ‘where we are’ and ‘where we want to be’.

From the very beginning, we set a number of key values for ourselves, values that still guide our work thus far. Working on the services we provide. Our Company activities are based on the principle of efficiency in everything that we do. Profitability, commitment to achieve results using optimal resources and maximum payoff are the principal guidelines of our work aimed at getting additional competitive advantages.

We understand the business of building powerful brands

B2B Brand strategy is a lot beyond a logo and company website. It’s about who you are, who do you serve and why should they choose your brand over the others. A well crafted brand with a supportive communication strategy is a big differentiator in today’s digital world.

Brand positioning for Customer Acquisition

Designed for organizations that are unable to grow as fast as desired. This service includes value proposition articulation, identifying drivers of choice and building a brand bridge linking brand offerings to customer needs within the competitive context. Centric also provides key marketing collateral to bring alive the brand’s positioning based on our recommendations.

Brand strategy for Change in Scale

Suitable for organizations who have grown phenomenally over a short period of time and want a world class brand strategy for future growth. This service includes stakeholder perception mapping to determine the new business context and core statement articulation to help internal and external customers understand where the brand is heading. Centric also helps to communicate the change in positioning through a mix of internal and external touch points.