Build Competitive Advantage

Brand Positioning for B2B Firms

Brand strategy for customer acquisition based on leadership vision and customer needs

Build Competitive Advantage


Business strategy, brand positioning and out-sourced sales support for customer acquisition

Build Competitive Advantage

Bespoke Marketing Services

Experienced marketing advice and quality communication support when it matters

Build Competitive Advantage


Granular retail strategy that is fact based and experience driven to ensure a successful brand launch.

About Centric Brand Advisors

We are a group of experienced professionals who enjoy solving business challenges using our decades of real world experience and contemporary consulting knowledge.

Our Principals have CXO level experience in leading MNCs and understand how to build strong brands. In addition, our extensive experience with start ups has helped us remain agile and result oriented.

When B2B companies want to stand out from the crowd or acquire new customers they require smart positioning support.

At Centric, we help business leaders achieve their goals by re-aligning the brand’s positioning based on customer insight and leadership vision

When Start Ups want to scale up they require experienced sales professionals with contemporary market knowledge.

At Centric, we help founders achieve their goals by plugging into our existing network of experienced sales consultants to gain initial traction in a short period of time.

When organizations want to launch new products they require a powerful insight based ‘reason to buy’ and a granular ‘Go to Market’ strategy.

At Centric, we provide sales and marketing solutions based on our decades of retail experience, extensive branding know how and wide range of trade partners.


Our services are helpful in the following business contexts:

Launch of a New Offering
We help companies reduce the risk associated with new launches using a mix of consumer and trade research, high quality marketing know how and cross category sales experience.
New Geographical / Channel Expansion
Our fact based, experience driven approach towards understanding the barriers and triggers to growth helps companies plan better.
Stagnant or Declining Sales
Companies who are not growing as fast as desired, benefit from our inside-out approach towards defining a pragmatic, goal oriented sales strategy with granular execution support
High Quality Marketing Support
Senior leaders engage us for specific goal oriented marketing support when high quality CMO level input are required for a limited period of time.

In today’s rapidly changing world, organizations require expert advice to grow profitably.

Centric Brand Advisors provides the right mix of Business Strategy, Sales Knowledge and Marketing Inputs to help business leaders take the right decision. In addition, our willingness to learn about new categories and our commitment towards sharing the ground reality has helped us help clients since 2013.

At Centric Brand Advisors, we want to help business leaders by leveraging our strengths. Our approach is pragmatic, fact driven and metric oriented. We believe in results, not reports.


What our clients say about us

In our long and multiple assignment associations with Rini and her team, we have effectively transferred their B2C expertise to our largely B2B business. Centric has fearlessly held the mirror to us and forced changes that only a high-caliber firm could achieve

— Abubaker Koya

Managing Director – India, Geberit

At a time when I was floundering to get my idea in composting across to more than a few customers, I received timely help and crucial mentoring from Centric.

Today, in less than three years, we have a Pan South India presence. I look forward to growing my business profitably with Centric.

— Ravi Karnad

Founder, Prudent Eco Systems

Centric Brand Advisors worked on our re-branding campaign at Quess recently. Rini was the key advisor & brand consultant in the whole exercise & was always at the top of the game. Her thorough research & analysis to understand our business & service offerings helped in crafting a compelling brand re-positioning statement. We appreciate the efforts put-in by the team and wish them all the very best .

— Vinay Rao

Marketing Head, Quess Corp.

We started Stonesoup, a social enterprise to make sustainable living easy. When we were ready to hit the street, we realized that a great product is not enough. Questions on how to price your products, how to convince retailers and segment the customers were addressed by Centric. If you are a startup and want to shorten your learning curve, would recommend the experienced hands at CBA.

— Malini Parmar

Founder, Stonesoup

Centric in the News

Centric Principals are frequently invited to contribute guest posts for the media. We also blog extensively about our experiences of growing brands in today’s digital world.

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