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Marketing Checklist for B2B Start Ups

Over the past year we have worked with a large number of B2B start ups who are interested in scaling up and enhancing sales. In our experience, most of our clients have great products or services, but are lacking in the final marketing touches that brings alive an MNC offering. Based on our past experience, […]

Can a Business Plan defeat the Fear of the Unknown?

Last week, we were sitting with a client who is immensely successful in the apparel business. The firm wants to launch a new offering in an adjacent space and had engaged us for a retail entry strategy.  At the start of our engagement, we felt the key decision maker was worried.  This puzzled us as […]

3 Ways to Differentiate : Brand Strategy for Start Ups

A year ago, a friend of mine in PR famously said, “Most start- ups chase the first mover advantage and customer acquisition. Very few of them are focused on a differentiated brand offering.”. This statement was not based on any factual data – but quite a few people agreed with her. However things are changing and in today’s world, […]