December 2016

Brand Strategy for Competitive Advantage

As branding consultants, we have come across several brands offering great value but unable to grow as fast as desired.  A quick review indicates these brands often belong to committed leaders with a clear product vision and a supportive team. However, in-spite of their best intentions,  the team is not able to make significant inroads […]

Digital Marketing Calendars : Old Wine in a New Bottle

  In today’s digital world, we often come across clients who feel their marketing strategy is in place but the execution is ‘just not happening’. More often than not, their sentiments are echoed by the various agencies working on the brand as well. In our opinion, in-spite of hard work, the results are sub-optimal because […]

7 Steps to a Successful Retail Launch

As partners in a firm that specializes in retail launch strategy, we often get calls from entrepreneurs and export houses who want help in launching a new brand in India. Our clients usually have great products, sound financial backing and a good business vision. They come to Centric for sales strategy, marketing support and ‘old-fashioned’ […]