I was recently asked by a first time entrepreneur whether the hype around content marketing was justified. This got me thinking about the role content marketing plays in today’s digital world. Like any other marketing tool, this one is often misunderstood and ends up being maligned for the wrong reason.

To understand the real benefits of Content Marketing, it is best to look at it from the prism of lead generation or sales. The role of all marketing tools can be broadly classified into the following :

  1. Awareness generators: Tell people about the brand’s promise (eg. TV adverts)
  2. Build Interest : Why the brand fits into their lives (eg. Customer Testimonials)
  3. Create Credibility : Why should we believe the marketing claim (eg. Press mentions)
  4. Trigger sales : Provides a compelling reason why (eg. Sale !)

Content marketing has arisen because people have taken to Google in a life changing way. We are increasingly looking for answers, entertainment, motivation, companionship and much more online.

A successful content marketer provides answers to queries she is knowledgeable about. And craftily places her brand in the consumer’s context in a relevant manner.

Well created content subtly demonstrates the brand’s core strengths, its category knowledge and often the values and beliefs that brand espouses. So in a nutshell – content marketing is the best possible way to introduce buyers to the brand’s personality and should be an integral part of a brand’s digital marketing calendar.

However that being said, it is preferable to decide in advance the specific metric content marketing will be evaluated against. For example, will this post provide my firm business leads or will it generate credibility as a marketing expert? Since the post does not have a call to action (sign up now for a free content marketing class) – I am not very hopeful about the former. But if you have read to the end of the post, chances are you think I have an opinion on content marketing. And that is sufficient.

In summation :

Content marketing helps position the brand in the best possible light in the digital space. As people read content generated by a brand – they get to know more about the brand and why it will make their lives better. Focused, high quality content is a great way to get into and stay in people’s consideration set.

Thank you for reading.

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